The College English course requires students to think, make decisions, and apply academic and technical knowledge in real-life simulations.  This course is designed to prepare students to work effectively and productively in a changing workplace and diverse society and to become active family and community members.  Assignments and activities in this course, including the reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills learned in English class, will prepare students for the essential communication skills necessary in the workplace, technical school, and college.

Areas of Study...
Edgar Allen Poe William Shakespeare Arthur Miller Sophocles

Contemporary and Traditional Literature; Journals; Research Papers; Resumes; Interviewing; Applications; Job/ Career Search; Technical Writing; Vocabulary; Business Communications; Oral Presentations.

Grades: Grades will be determined by a combination of tests, quizzes, papers, projects, class work, homework, and participation. Grading Scale: 90-100% =A; 80-89% =B; 70-79% =C; 60-69% =D; below 60% =F


If you need additional instruction, I am available before or after school, or we can schedule a time during the day that is mutually convenient.  Please do not hesitate to ask for extra help.



Mrs. Johnson's College English Classes

1. Treat one another with respect. By adhering to this expectation, we can maintain a work environment conducive to the learning and safety of all students in the classroom.

2. Please be positive and participate in class. I want to know what your thoughts, feelings, and reactions are to the material we are learning!

3. Please Be on Time! Restrooms and Water Fountains are to be used before/after class.

Required Materials

-Textbooks and other reading material (various textbooks/materials will be issued by Mrs. Johnson)

-Notebook or 3-ring binder

-2-pocket folder

-Pens or pencils-Flash Drive


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expand your mind...

The possibilities are infinite! Simplify! Read a book!

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